Our Services


Startup Planning

Your next Startup venture should not be just a dream. We take it from scratch and plan how to create, build, budget and market it. Knowing what to do next is the key for minimizing risks and avoid pitfalls. How we know it? Been there, done that, multiple times.

Operating from 2011, with customers from more than 20 countries, RLT Mobile App handled all kind of projects. Accumulated experience is big. So we know what steps are key for success!

Development In-house / Outsourced

Need only a specific developer or the whole team? We have the seasoned developers you need right now.

UI/UX Consulting

Succesful apps and websites already know this: User should flow the interface in a intiutive way.
Experience is the key for them to come back. We Design/Redesign with the user focus in the first place.

ECommerce Consulting

Get your ecommerce business up and running. Fix common mistakes and get to know your customers in order to sell more.

Data Science/Machine Learning

Data science (Machine learning, Big Data, AI) projects are not simple software projects. Results, thesis and approaches are different. We have the right team, composed by Data scientists and team leaders, together make the right questions for optimizing and discover what is ahead in your company.